Half Term Information Spring 2 2024

This half term has been short, but so much fun.  We have learnt all about the features of castles and even got to make our own moving castle.  As part of Design and technology we explored a range of sliders and levers and then incorporated these into our own design.  The highlight was our castles WOW day, being chefs, archers, Kings and Queens.


 We also had book week, where we met the author Chloe Savage, read lots of new books and became ‘word collectors’, discovering new words and putting them into sentences.  It was good fun dressing up as a word of our choice.


In Maths, really enjoyed using the weighing scales to find the mass of a range of objects in the classroom.  We compared the weights of objects and used non-standard units of measure and grams to say how much things weighed.