Termly Information Autumn 2 2019

This term we have been learning about children in Victorian times, including the awful jobs they had to endure and the games they used to play. Our core text, ‘A Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, fitted the topic perfectly and enabled the children to get fully immersed in their learning by considering what life was really like for Jim Jarvis – a real Victorian street child. The final piece of extended writing this term was a recount of the fabulous whole school trip to see Cinderella at The Cambridge Arts Theatre. Given how much the children enjoyed the experience, it is not surprising the quality of writing this inspired. 

In Science we have been studying properties and changes of materials, including dissolving, separating materials and irreversible changes. This culminated in an experiment whereby we tested how quickly cooked jacket potatoes cooled when covered in different materials. We linked this with maths and computing as we tabulated the results of the experiment using the Purple Mash app 2calculate and then turned the data into line graphs. Fractions, decimals and percentages have also been covered in maths this half term.

Children’s comments about their learning


Uliana: “I have most enjoyed maths this half term including the challenges for percentages and decimals.”


Hamza: “I enjoyed learning about decimal numbers in maths and loved working with my partner Darius in the gymnastics unit.”


Maks: “Learning about Victorian workhouses has been the highlight of this half term. I also enjoyed the paired composition Harley and I performed to the class in gymnastics.”


Useful website links to continue learning at home


Our topic for the coming term is A Chinese Odyssey, for which these websites may provide some support:





Others to be used for starting conversations about learning include: