Year 5 Termly Information Summer 1 2019

This term has seen Year 5 immersed in China! We have seen some fantastic home learning which has complemented our fact finding in school. The topic lessons have been focused on modern day China and its recent economic growth, in English the children have been reading traditional folktales and writing their own, and they have researched the reasons that China is such an interesting place to visit. In amongst all of the interesting context, we have been learning more about the features of good writing and are getting better at using different sentence structures.

We have covered a large range of topics in maths, including angles, adding and subtracting fractions, and finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ve been exercising our skills in calculations at the same time! The Science learning has been based around life cycles but we were also involved with an energy challenge with Astrazeneca which included having to design a good, bad and ugly menu for an astronaut for one day. Imagine having to only eat 9 cream eggs and nothing else! In PSHE we’ve been looking at ways we can have a healthy lifestyle and for PE we have been playing football.

The children are all really excited about next term’s topic based on the magical world of Harry Potter!

Children’s comments about their learning:


“I really enjoyed the Astrazeneca challenge, having to make up all the menus was really fun. Our ugly menu had 45 jaffa cakes!” Elliot