Year 5 Termly Information Spring 2 2019

Summary of this terms learning

“One Giant Leap” has be the topic for Year 5 this half term. They have been immersed in everything Space, from Tim Peake biographies, to making moon buggies, reading “Cosmic” by Frank Cotterell Boyce and working on a mini project based on a planet of their choice.

However, the main focus for Year five Monkfield Park has been working hard on perfecting their production of “The Blue Crystal”. With the advice of their teachers, they went through ups and downs; however, pupils enjoyed the performance. “Utterly joyous”, one of the Reception pupils commented. ‘I loved it because it was funny and I liked the singing.’ Taking a giant leap, they truly performed a spectacular play. Certainly amused, pupils giggled through the performance due to comedy and expression which truly brought joy to the heart. Surely this fabulous performance will be remembered for years to come. The morel being that in the end, sharing is the best way to go. Without doubt, this performance will be forever remembered by all pupils of Monkfield Park. Year five should be proud of what they’ve achieved this term.

Written by Soha.


Children’s comments about their learning:

“ The production was absolutely amazing, I loved being a part of it especially as my character of Codot the Robot was funny!” – Lewis

“I really enjoyed learning about Tim Peake and all that he accomplished in Space on board the ISS – I can’t believe he ran a marathon in space!” - Bella