Year 5 Termly Information Summer 2 2019

This term has seen Year 5 enter the world of witchcraft and wizardry! Yes, that’s right, we have been studying Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the children have loved it. They have written diary entries, setting descriptions, justified arguments and even wrote their own rules for Quidditch. This all culminated in a Harry Potter themed day in which the children rotated around different activities including; quill writing, crest making, wand making, potions class and even a game of Quidditch, using their rules!

We have covered a large range of topics in maths, including area and perimeter, volume and capacity, and time as well as revisiting previous learning. Linking to our PSHE topic, the Science learning has been based around reproduction in animals including humans. Did you know that a female stick insect can reproduce without a male stick insect?! In PE we have managed to get outdoors to improve our ball handling skills as well as training for the annual sports day challenge. All the children participated in at least one event and they should all be very proud of themselves.

As Y5 comes to the end of the school year, the children are excited about moving up into Y6. They were lucky enough to spend time with their new teachers who will guide them through what is a very important year – not only because of SATs but also their final year in primary education before their transition to secondary school. Good luck in Y6!

Children’s comments about their learning:

“I liked Harry Potter because it is really action packed and drags you into a magical world with cliffhangers in every chapter.” Elliot

“We were meant to go to Norwich as part of our Topic learning based on a local town, however, we got stuck on the way there and couldn’t make it to Norwich so we went to Thetford Forest instead and had an awesome time playing and going on the adventure playgrounds.” Bella

“I’ve enjoyed learning new skills in Art, being able to make things larger or smaller using a grid and working on light or dark shading.” Abi

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