Year 6 Termly Information Spring 2 2019

Summary of this terms learning

This term started with a continuation of our Robin Hood topic, where we have written stories from Guy of Gisborne’s perspective. We had a lovely time sharing these stories with the year 2 children.

Our continued by putting ourselves in a polar explorer’s shoes – quite literally! We examined pictures from our big book which introduced us to Sir Ernest Shackleton and his famous expedition ‘Endurance’. This sparked our interest and we began to delve further into the life of Shackleton - his ambitions, challenges, failures and triumphs! As we ourselves stepped into Shackleton’s shoes, we retold his heroic story.

Continuing our work on Light in Science, we have carried out various enquiries, one of the favourites being on shadows. We came up with our own questions to explore and decided how we would go about finding out the answer.

During our final week this term, we enjoyed international week. We took part in lessons of a range of different lessons including Russian, Arabic, Catalan and Greek. We also learnt bits about the different cultures , and had a fantastic time learning a Brazilian dance!

Children’s comments about their learning

Adwoa: ‘This term, I have enjoyed learning about, drawing and making birds in art because it was really fun.’

Tymek: ‘During this term, I enjoyed everything, but in particular English and topic because I am fascinated by Shackleton’s expedition.’

James: ‘I really enjoyed international week. My favourite thing we learnt was Russian (as it is a new language we have learnt.’

Otis: ‘This term was really enjoyable because we had international week. My favourite part was the Brazilian dancing.’