Half Term Information Summer 2 2022

This half term was so much fun. The children learnt all about the seaside and went exploring on their school trip to Bury Lane Farm. Whilst there, they explored the sand by digging deep holes and building sandcastles, climbed the big rock wall and even managed a game of football. They were exhausted at the end of the day! At school the following day they wrote all about what they saw and what you can do at Bury Lane Farm to entice future visitors to go.

The children learnt how to double numbers, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They have been investigating odd and even numbers and comparing and making groups of equal sizes. They have used many seaside resources to do these activities and liked looking at the many shells that have been collected from various beaches.

To top off this half term the children participated in their first Sports Day and can be proud of their achievements and positive team spirits.

To celebrate the end of a wonderful year in Reception the children had a ‘Summer Celebration’ with bubbles and disco dancing!