Year 2 Termly Information Spring 2 2019

Summary of this terms learning

What a journey we have been on this half term! We have been learning about countries and culture all ‘Around the World’. We started our travels in Europe by visiting France. We then journeyed on to Asia and stopped in Japan. Ms.Deegan taught us some Japanese and fascinating facts about schools there where she taught. We did origami and tried some Japanese writing. Africa was the next continent we visited. We did some fact finding about Kenya, did some bead work, compared it to England and even wrote letters and postcards home to our families. In Australia, we learned about native drawings and produced our own piece of Aboriginal art. South America was our next stop. We researched animals that live in the rainforest in Brazil, wrote acrostic poems and our own stories based on another culture. We made a brief stop in the freezing cold of Antartica where we discovered that only 1% of the land is actually visible. We rounded off with International Week and had visitors from Brazil who introduced us to some instruments and music and well as showing us how to do salsa dance moves. We had students from Cambourne Village College who taught us how to count in Arabic and introduce ourselves in Japanese. Not to mention the parent volunteers who brought clothes in for us to dress up in, told us lots about their birth countries as well us sharing their valuable time.  

Children’s comments about their learning:

Swagath said that his favourite learning was, “In English when we learned about rainforests and traditional stories and in topic that we learned about around the world.”

“My favourite part of learning was France. I liked knowing about snails and the Eiffel Tower,” said Sofia C.

“Learning about around the world, France was my favourite place to learn about,” said Matthew

Finley said, “ I think it would have to be learning about all around the world because now I know all about around the world and what they eat.”



Useful website links to continue learning at home:

Use your purple mash log in to explore the country fact files under the geography section.