Year 2 Termly Information Autumn 2 2018

Summary of this terms learning

What an exciting half term we have had! We have learned so much about the past through our Great Fire of London topic. The descriptive language that the children have acquired has been on full display in their writing from diary entries, recounts, letters, leaflets, newspapers and stories. The children enjoyed their shared movie afternoon with their parents to round off our study of ‘The Polar Express’ story by watching the animated version with a hot chocolate in the school hall. How magical was that! We have tested various materials by bending stretching, twisting and squashing them and learned a very important lesson about the importance of recycling and the impact that waste can have on the environment.

Children’s comments about their learning

“I liked the science because we did twisting, stretching, bending and squashing,” said Kieran.

“I liked Great Fire of London because I learned a lot about it. We even burned down the houses we made,” said Ben.

“I liked the Great Fire of London because it was interesting to me,” said Gopika.

“Maths was interesting because I really enjoy it and can finish it quickly,” said Mason.

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