Year 2 Termly Information Summer 1 2019

Enthused, motivated, engaged, the children in year two have had a fantastic half term of learning. We received the eggs from the Happy Chick Company and recorded careful observations of the changes we noticed. The excitement was hard to contain when we saw the first signs of pipping on the egg shells. We linked our science and English lessons and used our observations to write poems. We had the hard task of learning the skills needed to care for animals (who knew little chicks could make such a mess!) We learned about The Monkfield Way values of care and respect through our gentle handling and consideration of their needs. These themes continued through to our Florence Nightingale WOW Day when we experienced the caring nature and importance of nurses. We compared hospitals and nurses to see how uniforms have changed and the importance of good hand hygiene to stay healthy. We wrote letters to Queen Victoria as Florence would have done and wrote biography’s about Florence’s life. We loved applying our ball skills during a tennis festival hosted by Camborton Village College.
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Children’s comments about their learning:


Abigail: “I really enjoyed the chicks because they were really fluffy and soft. I just really enjoyed having an animal in the classroom.”

Kieran: “My favourite bit was making Florence’s Marvellous Medicine. We had to measure out 200ml of orange juice, 100ml of apple juice, 50ml of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. It tasted very good.”

Lily-Mae: “The Florence Nightingale WOW Day was the best this half term because we actually got to have the experience of her life. Marvellous Medicine tasting was the best. I liked it.”

Rory:  “The chicks were the best because they were soft. I didn’t like their poo though! I loved taking them outside on the grass.”