Half term information Summer 2 2022

This term our topic has been ‘Deep Sea Diving’. We have found out about the physical and human geographical features of the seaside, we have written postcards and leaflets about seaside places, we have written messages in a bottle and imagined we were pirates looking for treasure on a desert island! In DT we made our own puppets and improved our sewing skills, this was really fun! We had some exciting activities during ‘Healthy Lifestyles Week’ – we were able to try out archery and golf, and we investigated how much sugar is in cereal. We have also found out about different types of poems and written our own shape poems using poetic devices such as alliteration, rhyme and repetition.

Children’s comments about their learning:


‘I loved creating a pirate treasure map!’


‘Onomatopoeia is a poetic device that sounds like the thing its describing’


‘You have to concentrate hard to hit the target in archery!’