Half Term Information Summer 1 2024

Year 1 have had a roarsome term learning all about dinosaurs for our topic. We have been lucky enough to explore real fossils from The Sedgewick Museum in Cambridge, we found out about Mary Anning and we have been describing their habitat, food chain and adaptations.  
In science we have been learning about the four seasons. We have learned that the days are shorter in the winter and that we talked about the best clothes for the different seasons. We talked about how the weather changes throughout the year and things we like to do in the different seasons - going to the beach in summer was a popular activity! 
We worked really hard on fractions this term, this included finding fractions of amounts and shapes, and solving problems involving fractions. We have been learning about directions too. We have been trying very hard to remember which way is left and which is right! 
We have done some fantastic writing this term. We loved learning about Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. We used adjectives and time conjunctions to retell the story. We were really sad when he left his dinosaurs on the train, but so happy when he called all their names and they came back!