Year 1 Termly Information Spring 2 2019

This half term year 1 have been busy learning all about knights, dragons and castles. We have learnt about all the features of castles, labelled knights armour, wrote poems and read lots of stories.  We even planned and wrote our own stories about knights and dragons. As part of our Science, We read a story called, 'Until the Dragons Came!' From this, we have been learning all about materials. The children looked at a range of materials and searched for these types of materials in school.   We then described the properties of the materials including whether they were transparent or opaque. The two classes did an investigation about which materiel would make a good tent, to keep the characters in the story dry, by testing them with water! In Maths, the children have enjoyed learning about measuring.  We have used weighing scales, rulers and other non standard units.  In music we have been learning songs about castles, knights and dragons! We finished the term with our 'WOW' day. We got to dress up and do lots of fun activities related to our topic.
Children's comments about their learning:
"I liked making and painting a shield."
"I liked reading stories about dragons!"


'' This dragon is longer than this one''


''The glue weighs the same as 8 cubes''

Useful websites to support learning at home: