Year 1 Termly Information Summer 1 2019

This term Year 1 have been learning all about countries around the world. We have learned the names of the seven different continents and travelled virtually to some of them! We found out about Japan and learned to say hello (Konnichiwa) and goodbye (sayonara); and we learned about some of the delicious food they eat like sushi and noodles. We also learned about why South Africa is special and found out about a small village in Mexico called Tocuaro.

In Science we have been learning about the senses. We used our sense of hearing on a sound walk around school. We brought our topic alive when we used our sense of taste to try a range of foods and used a range of adjectives to describe them. We conducted an experiment based on the Princess and the Pea to investigate our sense of touch.

In Maths the children really enjoyed finding halves and quarters. We read the story ‘The doorbell rang’, and the children used playdough to make biscuits and share them equally.

Useful website links to continue learning at home:
Children’s comments about their learning:

“Japan’s highest mountain is Fiji.”

“I would like to visit Tokyo.”

“In Tocuaro a family make masks from soft wood.”

‘’I didn’t like the sour lemon, but the chocolate was sweet.’’

‘’I heard a bird tweeting and the wind blowing.’’

‘’The lemon was sour and sweet but the pineapple was sharp.’’