Half Term Information Autumn 1 2022

Year 1 have had a great start to the year. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about animals this term. The highlight of the term was our animal day the children began the day making their own animal masks before creating their own amazing animal artwork. Then using a range of instruments the children worked together to produce incredibly evocative sound scapes to accompany their animal dances, recreating the jungle in school. To round off the day the children were delighted to meet Safari Stu and his family of exotic animals. Everyone was entranced as Stu introduced us to all the amazing animals and gave us so many interesting facts about their habitats, diets and favorite things to do. Suddenly, we were having hands on encounters with animals we have only seen on websites and in books. We all agreed that we were very privileged indeed to spend time getting to know these beautiful animal visitors to our school. To show our appreciation we wrote letters to Safari Stu to say thank you, in our letters we showed off our amazing use of adjectives and conjunctions.

We have also been busy learning number bonds to 20 in maths. We then put our knowledge to practice challenging ourselves with addition problems.