Y4 Spring 2 2018 Summary

Our English learning this half-term has been based around our geography topic of Rivers, including a unit on Wind in the Willows, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We have also covered non-fiction areas of the curriculum, with the children writing information texts and explanation texts based on aspects of rivers. Our focus on reading has continued, with the children answering questions from a range of texts.

Our maths learning has again covered broad areas of the curriculum including: the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes; and money.

This half term we had science week, during which the children were treated to a range of fun activities and visitors. They loved the dunking biscuits investigation. In class we have also been learning about how sounds are made and how they travel.

In RE the children have learnt about Jesus’ crucifixion and The Last Supper, and in PSHE we have been learning about Drug Education. We had another successful half term swimming at St Neot’s Pool on Wednesday mornings and have stayed out of the cold weather by continuing our work with gymnastics.

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Children’s comments about their learning

Bella, “I enjoyed the team building morning because I learnt that communicating isn’t that hard and that listening to other people’s ideas can help you learn new things.”

Soha, “This half term I enjoyed discovering about the cheerful story of Wind in the Willows, which is a funny and enjoyable story that I think is suitable for all ages.”

Izzy, “This half term I enjoyed swimming because I have become a much stronger swimmer. I have also enjoyed the topic of rivers because I got to paint a river scene for homework and look up different rivers I didn’t know about.”

Ben, “I have enjoyed World Book Day because I loved dressing up as Alex Ryder and I loved the visit from the author Pippa Goodheart. I loved the biscuit competition during science week because it inspired me to use my imagination.”