Y4 Termly Information Spring 2 2019

Much of our English learning this half-term has been based around our geography topic of Rivers, including units on the texts Wind in the Willows and The Secret of Black Rock, both of which the children have really got into. Our focus on comprehension and inference has continued in reading and included topic based texts.

In maths we have again covered broad areas of the curriculum including: subtraction; area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes; coordinates; and translation and reflection of 2D shapes.

The children have enjoyed learning about how sounds are created and the journey they take to enable us to hear them. We undertook an experiment to see how far different types of travelled. After, the children wrote about how we tried to make it a fair test and how it could be a fairer test next time.

In RE the children have learnt about spiritual journeys, including pilgrimages that Christians and Hindu’s make. Within this there were some links to our Geography topic. In PSHE we have been learning about safety contexts and managing risk.

We had another successful half term swimming at St Neot’s Pool on Tuesday mornings. The children made fantastic progress and were rewarded with a fun session in the last week. Back at school we have made the most of the warm weather when we were able to and have had great fun honing our football and hockey skills.


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Children’s comments about their learning

Jacob (Cygnus Class). “I love learning about sound and the ear. Also our rivers learning; and not forgetting about pointillism.”

Daisy (Cygnus Class). “This half term I enjoyed everything. One of the experiments I loved was when we had to listen hard to work out how far the instrument could go and still be able to hear it!”

Erin (Aquila Class). “My favourite thing this half term was maths because we did coordinates, which gets my brain in a jumble so I’m being challenged and I like getting challenged. I have also loved the reading tasks and swimming every week.”

Alana (Aquila Class). “This half term I have enjoyed learning coordinates because I wanted to learn about them and Mr Frame taught it to the class. Also, I enjoyed swimming because one day knowing how to swim might save my life. After the swimming assessment I feel really brave and confident in the water.”