Year 4 Termly Information Summer 2 2019

We kicked off the last term of our Year 4 adventure with an immersive experience, as the children saw and felt what it was like to be an evacuee in World War 2 on our Stibbington trip. The children understood the fear caused by the terrifying sounds of the air raid horn, whilst sat in a dark, cramped space, as well as getting to taste spam sandwiches and spiced cake!

This term the children’s topic was Chembakolli: A village in India whose main crop is tea. The children have taken part in a variety of learning, to produce a beautiful topic booklet to take home and share at the end of term. They have studied the timeline of the Adivasi people and the geography of the forest; compared their lives at school with those at Vidyodaya; played a hectic, but fun traditional Indian game of Kabaddi; made a Chembakolli house and understood the importance of public transport in remote areas of the country. It was a lovely way to culminate their year of learning.

Elsewhere in the curriculum - the children studied living things and their habitats, grouping living things in a variety of ways and discovering what living things we have within our school grounds. In PE, the children were able to practice both team and individual sport, no more so than during sports day, where all the children displayed great teamwork and resilience.

During the latter part of the half term the children met their new (or familiar) Year 5 teacher and they have been trying to ensure they show the more mature behaviour and learning style that they will need to display when they return in September.

Children’s comments about their learning this half term:

Carlos: “I mostly enjoyed learning about India and also improving my times tables knowledge in maths.”

Miles: “I’ve really enjoyed the Chembakolli topic including learning the differences between how we live comparted to others. We made some amazing booklets all about Chembakolli which I really enjoyed doing.”

Bella: “I enjoyed learning about World War 2 because you get to go on a trip to Stibbington and experience what it was like to be evacuated to a different family and I even got a new old-fashioned name!”

Amelia: “The Chembakolli topic and booklet have been amazing. Learning and playing games like kabaddi was amazing to discover. I even found out my friend is from India and knows a lot about it including some fun facts.”

Websites for starting conversations about learning include: