Termly Information Autumn 1 2019 Y4

This half term, we have immersed ourselves in different aspects of Roman life. We have learnt about the Roman invasion of Britain, life in the Roman Army, and the legacy the Romans left behind – especially in Roman Londinium. The children wrote fantastic Roman stories, letters and information texts, and made authentic Roman Artefacts for our very own Roman Museum!

In Maths we have covered the four main operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also looked at equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and counting in fractions.

Our Science learning has been based around the way scientists classify plants and animals. We have used Venn Diagrams, Carroll Diagrams, and Classification Keys which are based on the characteristics of living things. We considered which habitats were best for invertebrates and wrote letters to Eco club.

The children have loved learning ball skills (hockey and football) during outside PE and have been developing their balance skills during gymnastics lessons inside, which resulted in the performance of a routine they put together with a partner.

Children’s comments about their learning:
  • Abdulrahman, “I have enjoyed the learning in Maths and English because Mrs Sawford showed us lots of methods and different types of words.”

  • Aolaith, “We have learnt about the Romans, which has been fun. We made Roman shields, a sword or an aquaduct and also made pottery bowls, vases and oil lamps. We also made a leaflet on Roman Londinium.”

  • Manas, “I enjoyed fractions, particularly because we were simplifying fractions into the lowest form. I also enjoyed by book in Guided Reading, which is Spacebaby, because it was a very interesting theme about gravity.”

  • Swithu, “This term I have enjoyed going on an invertebrate hunt with my group, because we were able to find some and learn all about them.”