Reception Summer 2 2018

This half term was so much fun. The children learnt all about minibeasts and went exploring for them on their school trip to Wicken Fen. Whilst there, they pretended to be minibeasts, went pond dipping and made clay animals and insects. They were exhausted at the end of the day! At school the following day they made their own books describing what visitors can do at Wicken Fen.

The children learnt how to double numbers, halve amounts and use timers to check how long it would take a snail to win a race. They enjoyed measuring the snail trails using rulers and cubes too. Both classes ended up with lots of snails as the children brought in many after they hunted for them in the school grounds and followed the trails on their way to school! They investigated the snails in the classrooms and asked questions about the bubbles the snails made. They were very curious about this and went on to carry out their own bubble experiments.

To top off this half term the children participated in their first Sports Day and can be proud of their achievements and positive team spirits.

To celebrate the end of a wonderful year in Reception the children had a ‘Summer Celebration’ with bubbles and disco dancing!