Termly Information Spring 2 2020

This half term Reception has delved into the imaginary world of Fairy Tales.

As well as retelling stories using actions, our voices and puppets, we have been writing shopping lists so that we could fill baskets with delicious food for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Grandma. We even used salt dough to make some ‘food’ to put into baskets we had made ourselves, testing if they were strong enough. The children also became builders as they helped build a house for the Three Little Pigs and then tried to catch the Big Bad Wolf by writing ‘Wanted’ posters and describing wolves in short presentations to each other. This then lead into telling the time and playing ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’. The children were keen to then learn about telling the time themselves and talking about different times they complete day-to-day activities. Lots of maths games were played to help the children learn to add two numbers together and find the total. This was particularly helpful when adding things to Grandma's basket!

To enhance the children's enthusiasm for construction they were introduced to Kapla through a workshop. Kapla is a creative activity in which the same sized pieces of wood are used to create whatever the imagination can think of! The children worked so well as a team to create a caterpillar, trees and even a river. 

To top off the children’s love of reading they also celebrated World Book Day and came to school dressed as their favourite characters and joined in with activities in a workshop with the author of The Big Red Bath, Julia Jarman.