Half term information Autumn 1 2023

All of our Year 2’s have worked extremely hard this half term. We just want to say a massive WELL DONE to them all for starting the year with such wonderful effort and enthusiasm. We have been loving our learning throughout the topic ‘From Farm to Fork’ this half term and learning about where our food comes from. We learned about the different types of farms (arable, dairy and livestock) and what type of produce we can get from these farms. We have developed our map making skills and created our own map of a farm using a key!

In science, we have been learning about animals, including humans. We have looked at the life cycle of a chick, frog and butterfly and have learned the meaning of a very long word… metamorphosis! We have enjoyed learning about what animals and humans need to survive and had a very lively debate about what came first, the chicken or the egg? What do you think? In our science learning, we welcomed back a special visitor – Safari Stu - to teach us about lots of different animals and how to look after them!

This half term has also included Art Week, alongside our regular Art lessons, in preparation for our school Art gallery after half term. We have thoroughly enjoyed studying artists who use food and nature within their works and we have had great fun replicating them!

Children’s comments about their learning:


“A life cycle is a circle that never stops.”


“I would like to do printing every day!”

Useful website links to continue learning at home:
https://www.letterjoin.co.uk/ (username: lj2478 password: home)