Curriculum Intent

Why is Maths important?

At Monkfield Park, we aim to provide all students with a mathematics curriculum which is grounded in essential skills and knowledge, but also encourages exploration and investigation, preparing them well for life and work. We believe no child should be left behind, and should instead have access to experienced and enthusiastic maths mastery teaching, in order to achieve their full potential.


What do we intend maths to look like at Monkfield Park?

Our aims are to:

  • Promote the learning and enjoyment of maths, through creative teaching using quality resources.
  • Develop and train our staff in excellent mastery practice, for the benefit of all pupils.
  • Plan and deliver high-quality lessons throughout the school.
  • Embed maths mastery teaching across the classrooms, to ensure children learn not just processes, but the ‘why’ behind the mathematical concepts they are learning.
  • In line with the principles of mastery maths teaching, give children opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding without simply going to the curriculum of the following year group.
  • To encourage pupils to take ownership of their own learning, which gives them the confidence and enthusiasm to support their own progress.
  • To promote fluency at school and at home with the aid of appropriate and high quality online learning tools.
  • Make links between different areas of the curriculum within their year group, cementing their understanding of important mathematical knowledge and concepts.
  • Continuous use of real-life examples to ignite their enthusiasm and make the maths relatable.
  • Ensure all pupils have a secure understanding and use of mathematical language appropriate to their year group.
  • To explain, reason and justify to demonstrate a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Experience a variety of challenges and problem-solving investigations, which allows pupils to explore possible methods, ideas and solutions, in order to enrich their learning.


When implementing the maths curriculum you will see…

  • A constant use of mathematical language and differentiated questioning to support and challenge all pupils.
  • Maths mastery teaching and independent tasks and challenges to deepen understanding and thinking.
  • The use of concrete resources to embed the idea of ‘Build it, Draw it, Write it, Say it’.
  • The use of a maths mastery programme, adapted to meet the needs of specific pupils and cohorts.
  • Working walls in classrooms for children to use independently for reminders of concepts and processes.  
  • Key mathematical concepts used in other core and foundation lessons.
  • Investigations and explorations in whole class maths lessons.


How Maths will impact our learners?

“It makes me know more adding and subtraction.” Year 1 child

“Nearly every job you do uses maths, for example knowing angles.” Year 4 child

“When you are doing maths, you use it in your daily life, and it always get you thinking.” Year 6 child

“Being able to work with numbers confidently is an essential skill in everyday life.” Parent

“Maths is in everything we do – science, problem-solving, money, computing.” Teacher