Summer 1 Half Term Information 2021

To finish our half term we were able to enjoy a variety of activities as part of STEM week. The children learned how wings work during a workshop with University of Cambridge Department of Engineering where they experimented with different variables on paper aircraft. They also had the opportunity to construct a ferris wheel which required a lot of attention and team work to make successfully. During the week there were various other opportunities for children to learn and investigate including zoom meetings with guest speakers, STEM challenges set by Cambourne Village College and even a science and magic show!

We stepped into the shoes of Ernest Shackleton following the treacherous journey of him and his crew on the Endurance. We role played the recruitment process, writing letters of application and being interviewed for positions on the ship by Shackleton. The studied the events of the trip carefully, writing diary entries about what the crew did during the months their ship was stuck. The children were amazed by the actions of Shackleton and his crew and summarised the expedition in the form of a newspaper article at the end of the unit.

This term, we have been fascinated by our bodies and the role of blood in many different ways  Investigations began by creating a modelling clay replica of the heart complete with scientific labels. We also investigated the composition of blood through research before combining the four main components to create our own blood soup.

As well as this, during Maths we improved our knowledge of angles, calculating opposite angles in addition to using a protractor accurately. Within our statistics unit, the children used this knowledge to create their own pie charts from data they had collected themselves following time spent doing a survey of traffic passing the school.

Quotes from children:

“I really liked how Shackleton went on adventures to explore the world, although he wasn’t successful he still did something incredible. Playing rounders was also a lot of fun during PE.” Carlos

“Science was fun this half term, we did a lot of hands on activities. The blood soup was my favourite because I found it really engaging even though we were doing writing.” Emily

“STEM week was really enjoyable, I really enjoyed the activities and the people we were able to get in contact with. My favourite was the workshop about how wings work.” Miles

“In Maths we did a survey on cars passing the school. I learnt how to use a compass which was a challenge as it took me a few tries to do it correctly.” Safiyah

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