Half term information Summer 2 2022

This term much of our learning has been based around the incredible book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which the children have absolutely loved. Written pieces have included: a non-chronological report on the  Hogwarts houses, the recount of our amazing trip to the studio tour, and a newspaper article about the strange events at the start of the story. We have also learnt about our local area (Cambridge); producing a non-chorological report on the city. The topic climaxed with a fantastic, creative WOW day in the last week, which included making clay wands, water colour painting of the house crests, potion making, and scroll writing.

We have continued to embrace the wonderful teaching resource Power Maths this half-term alongside Maths Whizz and other resources to enrich our maths learning, including several of the problem solving tasks from the NRICH website. The children enjoyed moving onto other areas of the curriculum including aspects of measurement and statistics. In Science we have been studying lifecycles of animals including humans. This overlapped with PSHE  

In PE we have continued practising our cricket skills, have done lots of running, and completed some fun Harry Potter related physical tasks.

Children’s comments about their learning:


Charlotte: “Our Harry Potter wow day was really creative and I loved it.”


Abraham: “I really liked our Harry Potter topic – it was such fun!”


Mia: “I loved the Harry Potter topic, especially the quiz on the last day!”


Lilya: “I really enjoyed the archery we did during healthy lifestyles week.”

Some websites to be used for starting conversations about learning include: