Half Term Information Autumn 2 2022

Our main topic - South America – really immersed the children in their learning this half term. ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry has been our core text, which provided the children with an insight into the importance of the Amazon Rainforest. A poem, non-chronological report, and a fable story are some of the writing the children produced, inspired by the story.  


In maths we have continued following the Power Maths scheme and have covered aspects of multiplication and division as well as area and perimeter. The children have particularly enjoyed Spanish, taught by a specialist foreign language teacher, learning about anti-bullying in PSHE and online safety in computing. Cross country and gymnastics were our key focuses within PE over this half term with some of the children attending the Wimpole South Cambridge Cross Country to represent the school.  


Children’s comments about their learning this half term:


Tommy-Lee: “I enjoyed making lots of progress in maths having worked so hard at it. I also enjoyed learning about the Amazon rainforest.”


Isaac: “I loved English this half term because it was linked to the Amazon rainforest, which is so far away so I find it really interesting.”


Georgina: “I found learning about the plants and animals of the Amazon rainforest really interesting. I loved Wimpole!”


Vaanya: “I enjoyed learning new facts about South America. I also really loved making my own passport.”

Websites for starting conversations about learning include: