Spring 2 Half Term Information 2021

Last term Year 4 focused on a village in India: Chembakolli. Throughoyut the topic, both at home and in school we learnt about the landscape, the daily lives of the people that live there and its culture. The children really understood how our lives compare to here in Cambourne and enjoyed exploring stories and tales from the region.
In maths the children have made great in roads on learning about fractions and that is set to continue in the summer term. We are all looking forward to our next topic of Vikings and Saxons too.
Here is a report by one of the children on our WOW day that took place too:
On our Chembakolli day we got to make our own naan bread. Firstly, we got our dough which we seasoned then made thin. We went to the outdoor classroom, putting the stoves onto the grass. Our dough was put on the stove, as soon as it was cooked we were allowed to eat it - delicious! After that we made models of Chembakolli houses, we painted our houses brown and stuck bamboo sticks on to the roof. In P.E. we did storytelling through dance.