Half Term Information Spring 1 2023

We have been very lucky this half term to have been joined by student teachers from Cambridge University and we wish them well on their continued studies. In topic this half term, we have travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. The children have learned about everyday life as well as that of the Pharaohs. We have learned so many facts about the process of mummification (yes even the gory details!), the life of one of the most famous Pharaoh’s, Tutankhamun, and how the River Nile was utilised. This learning also inspired our English work. The children wrote wonderful adaptations of the traditional tale of Cinderella, wrote poems inspired by the River Nile and biographies about King Tut himself. In Science and RE (religious studies) we focused on light. Why light is important for a variety of world religions and sources of light. We focused on how some things might look like a source of light be in fact are reflectors of light. We measured shadows tracked their changes over the course of the day.

Children’s comments about their learning:


Adhamh said, “Did you know that the light from the moon is just a reflection of the suns light as it’s shining on the other side of the world?”


Matei side, “To make a mummy, they pulled the brains out their nose with a long hook.”

Useful website links to continue learning at home: