Summer 1 Half Term Information 2021

What a busy half term we had! Year 1 had the pleasure of observing and looking after some tadpoles, which linked so our science topic. We used the magnifying glasses to look at the tadpole’s features and observed how they changed over time. Some of them have even turned into froglets now! We learnt about the life cycle of a frog and used non-fiction books and texts to find some awesome facts too. Did you know a frog’s ears are behind its eyes?!

Our history topic was all about DINOSAURS, which we loved learning about! We borrowed some real artefacts from the Sedgewick Museum and we predicted what the artefact was… some were dinosaur eggs and some were parts of a Stegosaurus’ foot! We even created our own dinosaurs with fantastic names such as ‘Strongosaurus’ and ‘Smartiesaurus’ and used wonderful adjectives to describe our dinosaurs, which we then made into a Class Book for everyone to enjoy looking at.  

Children’s comments about their learning:


“My favourite part about learning was learning about Mary Anning and what she discovered” Emily K

“I loved looking at the tadpoles every day and feeding them cucumber” Noah

“Learning about dinosaurs was the best! I learnt lots of facts about Charles Darwin” Christian