Spring 1 Half Term Information 2021

This term, Year Two have been travelling around the world using map skills as well as making their own 3D maps. The children have been experiencing different countries through the medium of art, where they have used paints, pastels and a variety of resources to create work inspired by those countries on every continent. The children have also created their own wonderful, descriptive stories based on rainforests inspired by 'The Great Kapok Tree' book by Lynne Cherry. We were blown aware by their creative writing and the effort put into these. We have also created our own traditional tales and poetry. One of our maths units was all about statistics and the children explored tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. Children have shown great understanding through their explanations and answers to problems. We have been staying active in school and at home as well as looking after our mental health through the physical and meditative benefits of yoga. This has tied on well with our learning on working together and the skills needed to work cooperatively.