Spring 1 Half Term Information 2021

Despite a sudden change to the where we have been learning this term, Year 4 have still enjoyed a brilliant topic of World War 2. Possibly the most exciting learning of all took place on our WOW day and we were thrilled to have so many of the children online with The Young'uns to write our very own song. Despite some teething problems along the way, this day proved Year 4 are a very successful bunch of collaborators, working with each other whether at home or in school.
Other learning that the children can be proud of, is the work we have done in English; where their empathy played a huge role in being able to write in the role of children during the Second World War. Both RE and PSHE, allowed them to further develop this skill by thinking about how the events of Easter affect Christian belief today and how working together is necessary for lots of things we do. In Maths, it was really great to see those children who had clearly worked on learning their times tables facts being able to apply those to a variety of questions and challenges. Not forgetting Science, which has moved from digestion to food chains and everything in between. We look forward to the start of a new term and the education experiences it will bring with it.