Read Write Inc. Paper Ditties Activities

Read Write Inc. Paper Ditties Activities

In your child’s home learning phonics pack you will find ten paper ditties. These have been provided by the group teacher and carefully match their phonic knowledge and reading ability. One paper ditty should be used each day over the course of the next 10 school days.  The below activities could be used with the paper ditty.

-Read the speed sounds at the top of the page.

-Read the green and red words for the ditty.

-Ask your child to read the ditty independently.  

-Read the ditty to your child to model reading with fluency and expression.  

-Re-read the ditty to your child, this time asking them to track under the words and ‘jump-in’ when you hesitate on one/two words per line.

-Ask your child to re-read the story and then together discuss the ‘question to talk about’. This can be found at the bottom of the page.   

-Complete the ‘Hold a sentence’ activity. Say the sentence (or phrase) given on the bottom of the page and ask your child to repeat it. Use ‘My Turn, Your Turn’ until your child can remember the whole sentence. Ask your child to then write it onto paper in the back of their home learning workbook. Encourage them to use their ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell the green words, to use fingers spaces and to re-read the sentence to check it makes sense.  

-Ask your child to draw a picture onto paper in the back of their home learning workbook to demonstrate understanding of the story the ditty tells.