Read Write Inc. Sound and Word Activities

Read Write Inc. Sound and Word Activities

In your child’s home learning phonics pack, you will find a selection of sound cards. These sounds are for your child to practice recognising so that they can begin to read them in words. You will also find sheets of green words. One page contains words which match a sound card. These can be cut up and made into word cards. Please use one sound card and set of matching word cards each day. For example ‘ar’ and the words car, star, park and shark. The pack contains 10 sounds and 10 pages of words. This is enough for 10 school days/2 school weeks.

Suggested activities:-

-      Using a sound card, use My Turn, Your Turn to teach your child how to say the sound. The video link below models how to pronounce single and double letter sounds.


-      Challenge your child to practise writing the sound lots of times (in the back of their home learning workbook). Once they have written the sound approximately 10 times, you could ask them to circle or tick the one which they think is their best handwriting.


-      Ask your child to read the word cards using the technique ‘Friends, Fred, Read’. *Be sure to explain the word if it new to your child. You could do this by adding an action or linking the word with a real life experience.

-      Hide the word cards. Encourage your child to use ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell one word at a time (in the back of their home learning workbook).


-      Once your child is familiar with the new words, you could encourage them to draw simple pictures to match the words or challenge them to write a sentence which include at least one of the new words. E.g. “My dad has a red car.”