Mission statement

At Monkfield Park we strive to ensure that children are the best that they can possibly be in all areas of their lives, and you can be assured that each member of staff wants the very best for every child. In order to achieve this we know that children need to be treated as an individuals and that it is essential that they are fuelled from an early age with a thirst for learning, a passion for knowledge and a questioning mind that prepares them for the future. Through our curriculum and environment we endeavour to provide openings whereby children are encouraged to follow their aspirations and to become self-assured in their own abilities. We are driven to ensure that every moment of every day is a learning experience and we encourage a sense of creativity and desire to pursue self-direction in a well-supported setting where expectations are high for all.

Our clear expectations promote good behaviour and foster mutual respect amongst one another. Our school values, which are described as ‘The Monkfield Way’, allow the children to develop a sense of responsibility and can be seen within the school environment so that children are frequently drawn back to what is at the heart of what we do. All children are encouraged to follow 'The Monkfield Way' so that by the time that they leave us, they can be a citizen who believes in the following Monkfield Way values:

-We are tolerant and respectful of other people

-We are confident and responsible people

-We try our best in everything we do

-We look after ourselves, each other and the environment

-We love learning together

We understand that a child’s parents are their first and best educators and we are committed to working in partnership with our families. We know that children do better when they have the encompassing support of their families and we therefore do all we can to invite them to be part of the learning journey with us.