Stephen Perse Foundation i-books

We have been working with the Educational Technologist from the Stephen Perse Foundation to assist them in launching their need educational i-books for children and their parents to use at home. At present, they are in the early stages of exploring the possibilities for these books which are currently only available on Apple ipads or iphones, but in time other devices will become compatible. The Stephen Perse Foundation are keen to get feedback from children and parents who may have tried out the fun and interactive games at home, which can be found at the links below. The ibooks currently cover some of the Maths curriculum and include practical tips for parents so that they can help children consolidate their knowledge and the materials are also differentiated.   Very soon, it is hoped that reading materials will be produced and these are just in their final stages of review by the team of developers.   We hope that you can find some time to have a look at the learning activities and games with your child and to provide the Stephen Perse Foundation with any feedback that you think might be useful. Contact details for feedback are listed below:


Addition iBook: 


Subtraction iBook: 


Multiplication iBook: 


Division iBook: 

Contact details:

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 454700 (switchboard)

Twitter: @aislingsbrown