Half Term Information Summer 2 2022

The children’s topic has been Children in World War Two and we kicked off the last term of our Year 4 adventure with an immersive experience, as the children saw and felt what it was like to be an evacuee in World War 2 on our Stibbington trip. The children understood the fear caused by the terrifying sounds of the air raid horn, whilst sat in a dark, cramped space. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the experience of being an evacuee and what it would have been like to go to school in the 1940s.

In English, we read, “The Lion and the Unicorn,” which tells the story of Lenny, a boy from London, who was evacuated to a large house in the country and how he discovered a secret garden with a statue of a lion and unicorn – both of which gave him strength and courage, along with the badge his father had given him, to get through the experience. The children created an emotion alley and used the vocabulary they generated, wrote their own diary entry.

Elsewhere in the curriculum - the children studied the digestion system and how to look after their teeth. They really enjoyed carrying out an experiment on eggs and the effect sugar and caffine can have on teeth.  In PE, the children were able to practice both team and individual sport, no more so than during sports day, where all the children displayed great teamwork and resilience.

During the latter part of the half term the children met their new (or familiar) Year 5 teacher and they have been trying to ensure they show the more mature behaviour and learning style that they will need to display when they return in September.

Children’s comments about their learning this half term:


Anna: “I mostly enjoyed the writing week when we read “Flood. I loved using my imagination and empathising with the people who lived in the house.”


Daniel: “I’ve really enjoyed the WW2 topic and going to Stibbington. Being in the classroom was fun. I liked using the ink pen.”


Tommy: “I enjoyed learning about World War and finding out about ration books.”


Georgina: “I liked the science taste bud experiment. We had to put a blindfold on and hold our nose and try to guess what flavour the sweetie was.”

Websites for starting conversations about learning include: