Half Term Information Summer 1 2022

This half term has been very egg-citing as we had some special friends, chicks! The children loved watching them hatch and grow. This was a great link to our learning about different types of farms and the types of farming that happens in the UK. They have been inspired by what they have learnt to write their own explanation text for how to care for chicks.

In Science, the children have learnt about how to take care of our environment and how important it is to recycle. They enjoyed carrying out a few experiments to observe the effects of a warming planet.

R.E. this half term has focused on the religion Hinduism. We have studied the main festivals, places of worships and a variety of Hindu deities.

We have taken our Maths learning outside this half term, it has been lovely to enjoy the sunshine! The children have developed their position and direction language and knowledge through a range of activities. 

Children’s comments about their learning:


‘’From cows you can make milk and cheese.’’

‘’The chicks are glorious!’’

‘’Four quarters make a whole.’’