Half Term Information Spring 2 2024

Wow what a journey! We have done a whistle stop tour around the world in Topic work, having explored the seven continents, their countries, capital cities as well as, some of the main man-made and physical features present in each, we then celebrated our own cultures in style during International Week. The children looked fantastic when they came dressed in their traditional clothes and really made an effort to listen and learn lots from the visitors we had that week.


Our English study was weaved through our journey and centred on our reading of James and the Giant Peach. We have done lots of research, made notes, written letters, persausive posters and narratives. We have polished our use of paragraphs, worked on lots of ways to add description such as similes, metaphors, adjectives and fronted adverbials. The children enjoyed the links to art as we learned about Quenten Blake and his style of illustrations.


In Science and Maths the children loved experimenting with equipment and getting hands on with magnets and measuring tools. The children particularly enjoyed testing the impact different surfaces had on the speed of a toy boat. Building fraction walls and learning about equivalent fractions proved very useful when we moved on to reading scales and learning about mass. The children are really enjoying making links between each curriculum area that we cover.