Half Term Information Spring 2 2024

Reception have so busy again this half term. They have been exploring 'Long Ago' by delving into things from the past - especially dinosaurs!  They have explored features of their favourite dinosaur and written about them, made their own fossils and even looked at real ones and dug for pretend fossils in the garden. They have compared sizes of dinosaurs to themselves and were amazed to discover the actual size of some dinosaurs, especially that some were not quite as large as they thought! After researching dinosaurs we then looked at pirates and started this off with a trip to the local library, "Can we go again?" was a common question! Pretending to be pirates the children thought of their own unique pirate name and wrote descriptions of what a pirate would look like. They made props and spoke like a pirate to be in character most of the time. What fun they have had!

We have read some wonderful stories including The Pirates Next Door. During World Book Day the children enjoyed a visit from the author Chloe Savage and were fascinated to learn about jellyfish from her book. They produced some wonderful drawings and were all able to share facts they had learnt not only with Chloe, but each other.

Reception as always have had a fun full packed half term and already looking forward to the Summer term which lies ahead.