Half Term Information Spring 1 2024

What a wonderful half term Reception have had! They returned to school after the Christmas break eager to share their excitement with each other and then delve into learning all about amazing animals! They have explored the Antarctic and learning about penguins. The children liked comparing their height to that of an Emperor penguin and were surprised to find out that many of them are smaller than one! 
We then went on to explore nocturnal and diurnal animals. The children loved retelling the story of Owl Babies and writing facts about owls. 
Alongside all of the exciting topic work the children were doing they amazed us with their maths skills too and learnt how to recognise numbers without counting, make amounts, measure and estimate! 
The children wanted to explore animals from around the world and were keen to speak of their favourite jungle animals and pretend to be them in PE. They also wrote about what their favourite animal can do and were very artistic when collaging or drawing their chosen animal. 
The children were immersed into activities during International Week and wanted to learn more about carnivals after doing samba dancing. So we followed their interests and looked at Brazil and carnivals around the world. They loved dancing and playing instruments to make their own carnivals in the classrooms and outside!
It was such a busy half term that the children even got to celebrate Chinese New Year and dress up as a dragon and dance together as they beat the drums they had made. 
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