Half Term Information Autumn 2 2023

This term we have been learning about children in Victorian times, including the awful jobs they had to endure and the games they used to play. Our core text, ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, fitted the topic perfectly and enabled the children to get fully immersed in their learning by considering what life was really like for Jim Jarvis – a real Victorian street child. The topic produced some fantastic writing, including a letter the children wrote in character as Jim, to his friend back at the work house. We celebrated the topic with an action packed WOW day, when the children came dressed in period outfits and undertook Victorian themed activities all day, including baking Victoria sponge cakes.

We have continued to embrace the wonderful teaching resource Power Maths this half-term. The children have really enjoyed getting immersed into the world of fractions. In Science we have been studying properties and changes of materials, including dissolving, separating materials and irreversible changes. This included testing how different coverings effected the speed which water cools.

The children really enjoyed both aspects of PE, with tennis taking place outside, and tai chi inside.  


Websites for starting conversations about learning include: