Half Term Information Autumn 1 2022

This term we have been learning about habitats and the local world around us.  We went on an exciting adventure to the nature reserve and spotted things that were living, non-living and once-living.  We also looked at evidence of habitats and micro-habitats in our very own playground and field.  It was fascinating to see the clues that showed us just how many different animals (especially minibeasts) use our local environment as their homes.  In History, we were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Local Heritage Archaeology Service.  Jess showed us artefacts that were discovered when the land was being prepared for Cambourne to be built and from other local areas.  Some artefacts dated back to the Iron Age! In Geography, we studied maps of the local area and spotted amenities that help us, such as doctor’s, police station and local parks as well as, of course, Morrison’s!  As members of a pretend town council, we considered which of these amenities was most important and why, and debated which we should put into our own town plans.  From these ideas, we created a map and description of our own future towns.  Our other activities included creating our own nature art, adding musical instruments to a well-known song, and beginning to learn to sing the songs from our upcoming production ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!”.

Children’s comments about their learning:


“It was great fun being a member of the town council.”


“In our guided reading book, the Mum got so fed up of the children making a mess!”


“I saw lots of bugs under the grass, and I found a feather too.”