Half Term Information Autumn 1 2022

What a jam packed first half term, full of learning, fun, sushi, and netball! It has been great to see how the children have already risen to the high expectations of Year 6.

This half term, we have transported ourselves to Japan exploring their culture, climate, physical geography and school life. After they understood the climate and location of the country, the children also got the opportunity to experience the cuisine: tasting different types of sushi before creating and tasting their own creations.

When studying ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, we were captivated by Michael’s journey around the world and debated whether we agreed upon his family’s decision to embark on their ‘great adventure’. We used this debate as a stimulus to write a persuasive letter to Michael. In chapter 4, Michael’s adventure comes to an abrupt end when a storm causes him to be thrown overboard. When he is washed up on a tropical island, we used Michael Morpurgo’s writing to help us explore descriptive and figurative language of a jungle. Once we had explored this language, we magpied it for our own descriptions of a jungle in the rain. While studying the remainder of the text we used it as a stimulus for drama pieces, reading comprehension and letters in role as Michael.

As part of our science, we learnt about the different Kingdom’s of life and carried out an investigation by growing mould on bread, which the children put into different places around the school. The results were very colourful and extremely grotesque! The science learning continued with the SAW project at the very end of the half term, when the children combined learning in science, art and writing, and in so doing produced some fantastic pieces of artwork and poetry.

In addition to our other learning this half term, the children also spent time earning their bikeability badges on the streets of Cambourne.

Children's comments about their learning:


“My highlight from the half term was the netball and dance we did for PE. I also enjoyed the science unit and learning about the different types of vertebrates.”- Ben

“I loved reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and doing lots of writing based on the book.” Annabelle

Useful website links to continue learning at home :


https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/520553/Information_for_parents_-_2016_NCTs_at_the_end_of_key_stages_1_and_2_27042016__2__PDFA.pdf ·

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/534658/Information_for_parents_-_2016_NCT_results_at_the_end_of_key_stage_2.pdf ·


· In class we do past papers so if you practice these at home with your children, please only use papers before 2015.