Half term information Autumn 1 2021

What a jam packed first half term, full of learning, fun, sushi, and netball! It has been great to see how they have risen to the high expectations of Year 6 already.

This half term, we have transported ourselves to Japan exploring their culture, climate, physical geography and school life. After they understood the climate and location of the country, they also got the opportunity to experience the cuisine! The children spent time tasting different types of sushi before creating and tasting their own creations.

When studying ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, we were captivated by Michael’s journey around the world and debated whether we agreed upon his family’s decision to embark on their ‘great adventure’.  We used this debate as a stimulus to write a persuasive letter to Michael. In chapter 4, Michael’s adventure comes to an abrupt end when a storm causes him to be thrown overboard. When he is washed up on a tropical island, we used Michael Morpurgo’s writing to help us explore descriptive and figurative language of a jungle. Once we had explored this language, we magpied it for our own descriptions of a jungle in the rain. While studying the remainder of the text we used it as a stimulus for drama pieces, reading comprehension and letters in role as Kensuke.

In addition to our other learning this half term, the children also spent time earning their bikeability badges on the streets of Cambourne.

As part of our science, we have looked at inheritance and evolution. When looking at the adaption of animals, we have created our own species to survive in a particular habitat and gave a presentation to justify why our creature would survive rather than becoming extinct.

Quotes from the children about their learning:

“The diary entry as Kensuke we wrote was enjoyable because I like looking at things from someone else’s point of view,”- Max

“I really liked how our PE activity of football linked to our English topic,”- Amelia

“The sushi making was really good as it was hands-on learning,” - Kush