Half term information Autumn 1 2021

Year 2 have had an exciting first half term back at school.  We have been learning all about Isaac Newton and were lucky to have had the opportunity to visit his childhood home, Woolsthorpe Manor.  We went around his home and saw the room where he discovered that light was made up of all of the colours of the rainbow!  We even made mini rockets and tested how far they went.  During Science, we had our habitats topic brought to life with a visit from Safari Stu who brought along some of his animals.  We were able to hold animals such as snakes, a tarantula, giant stick insects, hissing cockroaches. We also went on a local walk to look at local wildlife and their habitats. In maths we have been making sure we know our number bonds to 10, learning more about place value and we have also been adding and subtracting using lots of different strategies.  We really enjoyed art week where we learnt about the journey of a bee and how important they are to our environment.  We used watercolours to make the background of our pictures and then made bees out of card and made their wings out of a map to represent the journeys they go on.