Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee makes strategic decisions about the ways in which the school and Care and Learning Centre budgets will be spent to ensure the best possible value for money and educational outcomes for children. This includes decisions about staffing levels and improvements to the buildings.

The Committee receives regular reports on the budgets from the School Business Manager and updates on staff movement and recruitment. We aim to have one Governor present in all staff interviews.  At least one governor is trained in Safer Recruitment.

The Committee also compare our expenditure with other local schools to make sure there are no anomalies. In addition the budget is externally audited to ensure that we comply with the appropriate accounting standards.
This Committee also has the remit of ensuring that the school is a safe environment for staff, visitors and children.  A member of the Committee together with a member of senior staff conducts a safety inspection of the school and the school grounds so that recommendations can be made to the Governing Body for remedial action if necessary.