Autumn Term Information 2020

COVID did not stop the children settling into Reception at Monkfield Park! It is almost hard to remember their first day, back at the beginning of September. The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know one another and the adults that teach and help them. Their smiles, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, shows just how far they have come in a matter of a few months. They have most certainly settled into school life at Monkfield Park.

Learning letter sounds and reading and writing words has become part of daily learning in Reception. The children enjoy taking on the role of a teacher themselves and practising sounds and words together.

We shared our food likes and dislikes with one another and then taste tested a variety of fruit. Some of these were new to us, such as a pomegranate.

Thorough our senses topic, we had lots of fun exploring different scents too. Along with using our bodies to move in different ways.

It is fair to say that the children’s second half term in Reception has been a jam-packed and hugely successful one! With our topic of 'Witches, Wizards and Heroes' it has been a magical half term too.

We began the half term by reading the story' Room on the Broom'. Through this wonderful story, the children were introduced to all things witch related, from brooms, to spells, to potions. The moment the story has finished being read, the children couldn't wait to start making their own magic.

Room on the Broom is a story full of magic and spells. We used this to practise making potions by adding ingredients into cauldrons and writing spells.  

The children were then introduced to another witch who likes to get up to mischief, named Winnie. In her stories, she used her magic wand to make lots of changes. This motivated the children to share their ideas about what they would do if they had one magic spell.

They also found out that witches pour, keep and measure potions. We then made our own. Whilst pouring and ordering potions by amount, we learnt new vocabulary, including, full, half fully and nearly empty.

The rest of the half term was busily filled by, discussing good and bad wizard behaviour, designing and naming our own wizards, moving like superheroes during PE and making our own superhero capes.

We do hope you feel that your child has fully settled into life at Monkfield Park and enjoys coming into school each day. We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year, when the Spring term begins.