Autumn Term Information 2020

What a busy time Year 4 have had! Focusing on their topic of Rivers and Mountains, the children have been reading and writing about the journey of a river, beginning from the top of a mountain or hill, all the way down to the sea. This topic has fed into their art work, where they have been learning about impressionist and post-impressionist painters Vincent Van-Gogh, Paul Signac, and George Seurat. Aimed at mastering their painting skills, Year 4 children have been learning about and have been practising the artistic technique of Pointillism – creating art using dots. This has resulted in some amazing river pictures, done entirely using dots of paint!

In Maths, the children have been exploring different ways of adding and subtracting, and most importantly, finding the most efficient method. Moving onto multiplication and division, they have enjoyed singing times tables songs to help them recall their number facts. Science lessons have been full of experiments, discovering the different states of matter of materials, and understanding what causes water to change its state. Who knew watching ice melt could be so fascinating! We finished off this half term with our carol concert performances, which although different from normal, were really enjoyable!

Children’s comments about their learning

“I enjoyed PE because I learnt how to dribble and kick. We also played tennis, which was really fun, especially as I had two excellent partners. I really liked Art – we learnt Pointillism, which is painting with dots!” – Sofia P, Cygnus


“My favourite subject this term was Art, because I found Pointillism quite easy and I really liked doing it. I also liked our maths as you can play with numbers and figure out equations. Our topic, which is about rivers and mountains, was really interesting, and it connects with science and art because all of them have water and rivers.” – Daniella, Cygnus


“This term I enjoyed doing PE because we learnt a fun dance. I used to play tennis, which was our other PE, but learning it at school really helped me. The other thing I’ve enjoyed is maths, because it’s made a big impact on learning my timetables.” – Anika, Aquila


I like Art because I loved to paint. I like the Star Reader test as I always get 100% and I like reading a lot of books now,” – Caoilinn, Aquila

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