Who's who?

Headteacher Mrs Jarman - on Maternity Leave
Acting Head Teacher
Mrs Howell
Year 6 teaching team
Mrs Hearns (Director for Pupil Achievement)
Mrs Wellings (PE, Science and Extra Curricular Clubs Leader, Year 5/6 leader) - on maternity leave
Year 5 teaching team
Mrs Sawford
Miss Simpson (Director for Professional Development)
Year 4 teaching team
Mrs Warne / Mrs Flack 
Mr Frame (Culture and Diversity Leader)
Year 3 teaching team
Mr Yates (RE and Collective Worship Leader))
Mrs N Johnson (Maths leader and Year 3/4 leader) / Mrs Baker
Year 2 teaching team
Mrs Martin (English leader, Year 1/2 team leader)
Ms Deegan (MFL Leader)
Year 1 teaching team
Mrs McCrae (D&T Leader)/Miss McSweeney (Geography Leader)
Miss Tauwhare (Art Leader)
Reception teaching team
Mrs Sheldon (Foundation Stage leader, ICT leader)
Mrs J Johnson (Music Leader) & Miss Ward (Director for Pastoral Development, Phonics leader, SenCo)
Administration team
Mrs Durrant (School Business Manager)
Mrs Taylor (Office Administrator)
Mrs Birkert (Office Adminstrator)
Classroom Support Staff/Midday Supervisor Team
Mrs Asif
Mrs Askew
Mr Attfield
Mrs Molloy
Mrs Cowley
Mrs Fernandez
Mrs Gwilliam
Miss Kinder
Mrs Morgan
Mrs O'Reilly
Mrs Patrick
Miss Chandler
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs Horton
Cover Supervisors/HLTAs
Mrs Hill - currently on maternity leave
Ms Sandever
Mrs Dutton
Mrs Slater
Mrs Williams