Termly Information Spring 1 2020

Year 2 have been busy rehearsing for our performances of ‘Oink!’ We have become very good at remembering lots of lines and singing beautifully!

In science, we have been carrying out an experiment to see what happens to eggs when they are placed in different liquids, such as milk, squash or orange juice. We have all made predictions and have been eagerly checking the experiment to look for any changes!

We have also been travelling around the world and finding out about the seven continents. We have travelled to France, Japan, Kenya, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru! We have made our own Aboriginal art, eaten lots of food and learned to speak Japanese!


Children’s comments about their learning:


‘I think the egg in the squash will crack.’


‘The capital of Peru is Lima.’


‘Argentina is in South America.’

Useful website links to continue learning at home:






Use your purple mash log in to explore the country fact files under the geography section.