Termly Information Autumn 2 2019

This half term, much of our learning in English has been based on the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. The children have created their own imaginary worlds, characters and scenarios which enabled them to write their own story in an imaginary setting. They also pretended to be reporters at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party event. To celebrate the end of our topic, the children wrote instructions on how to make jam sandwiches, and then created and ate them at their own Mad Hatter’s tea party.

This term we have changed our teaching, to ensure children have mastered the topic in depth before they move on. In Maths, we have continued to cover the four main operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As well as consolidating their understanding of place value, they have been practising their times tables. 

Our Extreme Earth topic has captured the children’s imaginations, where they have been astonished by earthquakes and amazed by volcanoes. This topic ended with the children being able to erupt the volcanoes some of them made for their homework.

The children have enjoyed the Gymnastics unit ‘Cold Places’, where they experimented turning their bodies into different shapes to form penguins and icicles, and putting together routines containing a range of movements. We have also been developing a variety of ball skills outside. 

The term finished off with the Year 3 and 4 Christmas Carol Concerts, performed to the school, family and friends. The songs ranged from traditional carols to more modern tunes! A really lovely way to end a very busy term.

Children’s comments about their learning:


“I enjoyed learning about multiplication and division because it was fun learning about the product and quotient.” – Niven


“I found DT very enjoyable because it was fun making pop-up books, and it inspired me to get more creative.” – Sasha


“I enjoyed writing my Alice in Wonderland story because I got to learn new imaginary worlds. I also enjoyed learning about volcanos because I didn’t know about how the lava rumbled inside a volcano.” – Swithu


“Science is the lesson I enjoyed the most as I think the learning on how human impact is changing the earth, and that the downfall is that there are a lot of things to stop.”  - Ranidu

 Useful website links to continue learning at home:

Weekly maths tasks set as part of homework: www.mathletics.co.uk


Interactive maths activities: www.mathswhizz.com


A range of resources linked to our curriculum: www.espresso.co.uk 


A range of resources linked to our curriculum: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/monkfield


BBC Bitesize - Geography: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z849q6f/articles/zd9cxyc