Termly Information Autumn 1 2019

Our brand new topic - South America – really immersed the children in their learning and has set a great tempo for the new academic year. ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry has been our core text, which provided the children with an insight into the importance of the Amazon Rainforest – very topical at present. Innovated versions of the story were written, followed by letters to the author explaining how the story has inspired them to make a difference and raise awareness about issues surrounding rainforests. The children also wrote a fact file on The Andes and poems based on the rainforest.

September saw the 20th anniversary of our school, an occasion marked with celebrations throughout the month. This started with our Autumn fete, organised by Friends of Monkfield Park, which involved our local community coming together in glorious sunshine. The money raised will go towards the new school library. Following the fete, each year group took part in an activity that gave back to the local community. These ranged from litter picking, bulb planting, to reading with the elderly. To climax the celebrations, a drone photographer visited school to take a birds-eye shot of the children forming MP 20.

In maths this half term, we have covered broad areas of the curriculum including the four main operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, factors and multiples, prime numbers , as well as drawing and measuring angles. Foundation subjects the children have particularly enjoyed are Spanish, taught by a specialist foreign language teacher, and art, in which the children made some fantastic dream catchers. The girls and boys really took to netball this half term and as a treat for our last indoor PE lesson, we got all of the gymnastics equipment out in the main hall.

Children’s comments about their learning this half term:

Lily: “I enjoyed learning about the Amazon, particularly hearing one of the parents talk about his experience travelling in and around the rainforest.”

Olli: “I loved our South America topic, especially learning facts about some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest.”

Veanna: “The South America topic was great. I loved learning different things about South America. Science was also interesting – learning about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction in plants.”

Theo: “Litter picking, which we did as part of the 20 year celebrations, was a highlight for me. I also enjoyed art and loved making dream catchers.”


Websites for starting conversations about learning include: