Half Term Information Summer 1 2022

Reception have had an amazing half term and have had a ticket to ride! With this they went on 'The Naughty Bus' to London and learnt all about the famous sights of the city. They went on a boat with Mr Gumpy and compared different things they would see in the river to on land and they even had a go at making their own boat and tested to see if it would float or sink with mini passengers in it. After this they left Earth and went into space. They particularly enjoyed being astronauts and pretending to visit the moon! As the children were learning about various forms of transport it was important for them to learn about being safe when around them and on the road. So the children learnt how to cross the road safely and went to the park to practise using the zebra crossing and have fun moving in different ways on the equipment. 
The children also loved singing songs to an audience in their first ever production and still ask to sing the songs daily!