Half term information Summer 1 2022

This term we have been learning about Ancient Greece, including making comparisons between the way of life of the Spartans and Athenians, learning about Ancient Greek Gods, and creating a tourist brochure for a Greek island. The children really enjoyed learning some Greek myths, including Theseus and the Minatour, which they summarised and then wrote their own myth. The topic climaxed with a fantastic, creative WOW day in the last week, which included Greek mosaics, deigning their own tiles, making clay Olympics medals, creating laurel wreaths, and water colour painting.

We have continued to embrace the wonderful teaching resource Power Maths this half-term alongside Maths Whizz and other resources to enrich our maths learning, including several of the problem solving tasks from the NRICH website. The children were happy to move on from fractions, decimals and percentages to addition and subtraction (of decimals). In Science we have been studying forces, which included learning about the life and work of Isaac Newton and carrying out experiments to find out the effects of gravity, friction and air resistance on objects.  

In PE we have been practising our cricket skills, including bowling, catching, and batting. We were fortunate to have a session playing diamond cricket with a qualified cricket coach in the final week of the half term. In our other PE session, we have been learning different aspects of the heptathlon, which will help towards our preparation for sports day.

The stand out highlight of the half term has to be our trip to the Warner Bros. Studios – The making of Harry Potter. The children absolutely loved learning about how the films were created and are now really excited about studying the first text (Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone) after half term.

Children’s comments about their learning:


Smayan: “I enjoyed the writing we have done this half term, including the recount and Ancient Greek myth. I also liked the science experiments and our brilliant school trip.”

Lilya: “I liked the school trip and doing experiments in science including the parachute experiment.”

Eva: “I really enjoyed our topic and our WOW day, specifically the mosaic art and the clay medals. I also enjoyed the maths this half term including seeing how much I’ve progressed.”

Jack: “I’ve really enjoyed English, including the longer bits of writing such as the Greek Myth. I also enjoyed the challenge that maths gave us this half term.”

Useful website links to continue learning at home:


Our topic for the coming term is Cambridge, for which these websites may provide some support:



Others to be used for starting conversations about learning include: