Half Term Information Spring 1 2022

This Spring term our learning has taken us around the world and back. We learned about the continents of the world and wrote our own version of traditional tales and stories of the rain forest. None of which would be possible without an understanding of maps. The children looked creating their own maps on paper as well as using the school ipads.

In science, we carried out an experiment to see what happens to eggs when they are placed in different liquids, such as milk, squash or orange juice. We all made predictions and the children loved checking on the experiment to look for any changes! We discussed the similaries of egg shells and our own teeth, noting the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day.

Children’s comments about their learning:


‘To keep healthy we need to exercise.’

‘An atlas can help us learn about countries.’

‘Rain forests need our help.’

Useful website links to continue learning at home:





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