Half Term Information Spring 1 2022

We had another busy term last term! We are now expert London tour guides, after our topic on London. We can tell you lots of facts about the landmarks, such as the London Eye is as tall as 64 red telephone boxes! As well as this we even used maps and directional language to guide our friends around London. We also focused on the book Paddington's Post, we loved this book and learnt about the features of letters. This even inspired us to write our own letters to Aunt Lucy.
In math we were learning all about length and weight. We enjoyed measuring items in non-standard using of measurements, as well as using rulers to measure in cm and m. We also enjoyed having a boogie to super movers- length as this helped us to remember to start measuring from 0. Length wasn't our only focus though, we also explored measuring weight. We used balance scales to determine what objects were heavier, lighter or even weighed the same.
To finish of an amazing term, we were super lucky to have our very own Queen Mrs Howell visit us for afternoon tea at our Paddington tea party. To prepare for the party we made scones, bunting, decorated biscuits, made pictures of London and even printed our own stamps.