Half term information Autumn 2 2022

This half term, we proudly performed our Year 2 show ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper’. Thank you to all who supported the performances - from coming and watching, to helping your child learn their lines, to practising the songs at home. The children put so much effort and heart into each performance and were truly fantastic! 

In other learning, we have been discovering more about maps and looking after our global environment. In Science, we have completed a number of experiments exploring predictions based on environmental topics:  

  • We tested how quickly ice melts when covered, or not covered, with cling-film to simulate global warming. 
  • We discovered how much water is used when hand washing, if the tap is left on continuously, or turned off, between soap application and rinsing (3600ml compared to 300ml!). 
  • We visited each KS1 and EYFS classroom to see which electrical appliances were switched on and in use, and which were switched on but not in use. 

It was interesting to view our results and draw conclusions about how we can better look after our world. In Geography we built upon our knowledge of maps from last half term by sketching a treasure island map and a map of our own imaginary classroom. We thought carefully about what would be important to include on each map and gave reasons for our choice. Following this, we used language of position and direction to verbally explain, and then write down, how to navigate our maps. We were also very excited to try directing Bee Bots around our classroom, by programming their movements! To bring the unit together we are currently planning our own 3D maps, which we shall construct before the end of term. In Design Technology we studied the components of kites, before getting creative and designing and making our own.