Half term information Autumn 2 2021

Year 2 have been very busy this term! We started with our performance of ‘Eddie and the Penguins Save the World’ which was fantastic. Eddie and the penguins taught us all about climate change and what we can do to help save the planet. We also had our Great Fire of London Wow day this half term. The children came to school dressed up in Tudor costumes – it felt like we had all gone back in time to 1666! We made bread, painted fire pictures, made Tudor houses and learned all about the events and causes of the fire. It was a fantastic way to learn about history! We have also learned about materials in science, we have learned how to add up amounts of money and give change in maths and we have finished the term by writing about the magical Christmas story, The Polar Express.

Children’s comments about their learning:


‘Samuel Pepys buried cheese in his garden!’

‘In our play, the penguins helped to cool down the planet’

‘Glass is a good material for windows because it is strong and you can see through it.’

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