Half term information Autumn 1 2022

We have been extremely busy this half term. In maths we have been learning all about 2d and 3d shapes, where we identified features such as edges, vertices, faces, corners and sides. We have also been exploring how to partition numbers and putting our knowledge up to the test with problem solving word problems.  

Science has been filled with experiments this half term, we have been exploring different materials and their properties. We even wrote our own version of the three little pigs where we thought of our own materials for the roofs. You will be very impressed to hear we used our scientific vocabulary, as well as adjectives to describe our materials. 

As well as this we have been travelling back in time and looking at the history of transport. To top of our learning, we had an amazing time at Shuttlesworth, where we saw aeroplanes, fire engines, family cars and even race cars...these didn’t look like how we expected them to! 

Children’s comments about their learning 

Darcie- "I really enjoyed learning about shapes, the shape hunt outside was really fun." 

Reggie- "I liked playing games," (in PE).